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About the Blog

Overland Undersea strives to break the mold of conventional travel blogs. True expertise is hard to come by, and we are by no means “travel experts,” but we do like to get up to stuff that you might find amusing (or horrifying), and we’ll be sure to share anything we think is fun, helpful or important.

Prior to our life of seeing the world, we traveled whenever we got the chance, getting to visit some pretty awesome and off the beaten path places like Panama, Ukraine and the most underrated National Park in the United States.

We also attempted a thruhike of the 2,650 mile long Pacific Crest Trail in the summer of 2015. Read about the hardest thing we’ve ever done on our PCT Trail Journal.

About Sally & Nikita

Before starting the blog we were just two yuppies– two normal twenty-somethings, with 9 to 5 jobs and adult obligations, hurtling fast towards an ordinary life. After meeting and falling in love in 2011, we planned our escape from the rat race to see the world. It would take four years before we were able to make the dream happen and take the plunge.


All of the content on Overland Undersea is narrated by Sally (she’s even writing this page, in the third person! *waves awkwardly*), even though it comes from both Sally and Nikita’s shared experiences. Aside from what she writes for the blog, you can find more creative and deeper work in her travel essays.

Sally gave up her place in Atlanta’s burgeoning tech scene to appease her inner adventurer, anthropologist, and wildlife enthusiast.


Nikita is the creative force behind the photography on Overland Undersea.

Nikita is a Ukrainian-born, ex-financier, who previously worked in a typical conservative finance environment. To this day, Sally still does not fully understand his line of work. Nikita travels to see the world off the beaten path and to make up in adventure for all the time he lost sitting behind a desk.

Where to Find Us Online

New blog posts, fresh photos, and a slice of our life (wherever we are) on our Facebook page. It’s also one of the best ways to reach out to us with a question or comment. Like our Facebook page here:

Love Nikita’s photography? Get only the best photos (many of which don’t make it to the blog) on Instagram:

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, (& the world). The wife and I dream of an experience like yours but at 40+ the 2600 mile ship may have already sailed. We will continue to follow your progress and wish you luck and discovery on your adventure! —J & Y

    • For Joe and Yvette,

      Don’t let preconceived ideas about age hold you back from your dreams! I am 56 years old and am planning on attempting a thru-hike of the PCT in 2017 or 2018. As long as you don’t have any debilitating physical conditions, the only thing thing holding you back should be the usual trappings of adult life, cars, kids (grand kids in our case!), a mortgage, etc.

  2. I searched everywhere for blogs about hiking the PCT and so far your blog is the closest I have found to normal people hiking the trail! (By this I mean you aren’t like the crazy hikers that hike the entire thing in 3 months and you aren’t trying to sell me equipment in your posts). Thank you for sharing your experiences. My boyfriend and I are aiming to leave April of 2016 to thru hike the PCT as well and I get so excited about it when reading your posts. Especially when I came to check your packing list (yet again) yesterday and saw two new posts. We are following you through and we wish you find the perfect snack to satiate that hiker hunger. Love from Oregon! Maybe we’ll see you pass through. 🙂

    • Hey Jessica! Thanks for reading and staying up to date with our PCT thruhike! Normal hikers- we exist! I’m glad you pointed that out because sometimes it seems like we’re the only people on the trail who have been on for longer than a week and hike for less than 14 hours a day. Time we tell, but I’m confident that it doesn’t take all of that to complete the trail.
      I hope our posts about planning for the trail have been helpful for you guys. Be sure to check back because we’ll be providing more to help with planning, specifically an update on our gear list, to show what worked and what didn’t. Quite a bit has changed from our original gear list so don’t make your final decisions yet! Thanks for your comment and stay in touch! 🙂

  3. Hey Sally,

    I came across your blog while searching for reviews of Glacier National Park. I have now read several of your articles and really love your message. I have always dreamed of doing exactly what you and Nikita are doing now. How did you two make it happen?

    • Faith,

      We downsized our lifestyle tremendously. You can see our post here about our tiny apartment:


      This apartment cost us less than half of the other options around where we lived. We just made a conscious choice to spend less on housing and live with less. We also substituted the big money spenders that people in their 20s engage in and looked for cheaper and healthier alternatives. We discuss this a little here:


      One thing we did was instead of eating out and drinking on weekends with friends, we spent the weekends camping and hiking. This was active, let us engage in nature, and saved us a lot of money. For the price of one Friday night meal we’d spend an entire weekend enjoying the outdoors and getting in shape. We lived together, which also saved a lot of money. Single people can opt for roommates. If you really looked at the average millennial’s spending, you’d be shocked to see how much money is wasted on things that aren’t really needed, or on things that have cheaper and just as fun alternatives!

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