How to Send Us a Care Package

How to Send Us a Care Package

We’ve gotten a lot of questions from friends and family about how to go about sending us care packages. So to answer any questions, we thought we’d do what we do best: write a blog post about it!

Hitting a Moving Target

Below are the next places with post offices we’ll certainly be passing through. The only way to get a package into our hands is by sending it to one of the following places. Since our mileage varies, we’ll be updating this list of locations as we move further down the trail in the coming months and have a better idea of where and when we’ll be stopping.

How to Ship It

Our set list of locations are United States Post Offices, so ship with USPS only. Don’t use UPS or FedEx.

Each post office location includes a specific address format for delivery. Be sure to use this when addressing the package.

Let us know if you are sending a care package and where, that way we know we need to stop to pick it up.

Next Stop

Our next stop will be in Tehachapi, California and we plan on being there on June 4th or June 5th. You can address the shipping label as follows:

Nikita Smeshko and Sally Phipps (PCT Hiker, ETA: 6/4-6/5/2015)
General Delivery
1085 Voyager Dr
Tehachapi, CA 93561

What To Send

While we love surprises (our days are kind of… all the same), but please stick to items that we can consume reliably – non-perishable foods are your best bet. We’d hate for you to go through the trouble of sending something only to have it spoil by the time we get to it.

Our Favorite Things

As a general rule, we carry and consume foods that are at least 100 calories per ounce of food. The math can get kind of crazy when you start reading packaging and factoring in servings and serving sizes, but we generally stick to foods that are dense and calorie rich. This could include: non-perishable brownies (yum!), or anything that’s both cheesy and non-perishable (a hard to find combination at times).

Bad Stuff

Snickers Bars
Powdered Butter, Powdered Cheese or Powdered Sour Cream (you laugh, but this stuff is amazing)
Chocolate (dark preferably)

Healthy Stuff

Honey packets
Coconut Oil (a small container!)
Dehydrated meals, vegetarian (Mountain House, Backpacker’s Pantry, both of which can be found at REI or outdoor retailers)

Near a Trader Joe’s?

They’ve got great trail mixes (light on the peanuts as they give Sally indigestion)

Don’t Feel Pressured

Logistics can get overwhelming, don’t feel like you have to send a package, but just know we definitely appreciate your love!

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