The Best Coffee Drink You’ve Never Heard of: Avocado Coffee

Avocado. The savory non-fruit loved by pretty much everybody in the world. While traveling in the tropical southern region of Myanmar we got a random tip from another traveler to try the avocado coffee at the local coffee shop we’d been frequenting. The menu was about 95% in Burmese, so we’d been ordering what we could. We’re … Read moreThe Best Coffee Drink You’ve Never Heard of: Avocado Coffee

2016 Myanmar Travel Guide

Thinking about or researching travel in Myanmar? Because mass tourism in Myanmar is so new and the country is still so enigmatic, there isn’t a lot of reliable, “official” information around for travelers. Our 2016 Myanmar Travel Guide is here to help correct a lot of the misinformation that, unfortunately, informed how we and many other travelers we … Read more2016 Myanmar Travel Guide

Myanmar Travel Stories

Grilled Bat Fresh off the plane in Mandalay, we were welcomed into a tiny airport by immigration officials and then promptly (but politely) hollered at by taxi, shuttle and minibus drivers. Almost like they were constrained by an invisible fence, they didn’t stray far from their company’s booths on the far wall of the terminal, shouting over … Read moreMyanmar Travel Stories