Yuppies in Paradise is Now “Overland Undersea!”

Yuppies in Paradise is Now “Overland Undersea!”

After a lot of deliberation- a lot– we have decided to change our name from Yuppies in Paradise to Overland Undersea.

It was a difficult decision because we’ve been laboring under the name Yuppies in Paradise for months now, and even though we don’t have a lot invested in it as a brand, there’s a sense of sentimental attachment to our first blog name.

It was also a difficult decision, because the more we asked for help from friends and family, the more we were exposed to new, conflicting view points that made it more difficult to decide.

Although we’ll miss Yuppies, we’re happy with our new name and hope you will be too. If you’re curious, read more about why we changed our name to the one we did.

What was wrong with Yuppies in Paradise?

Difficult question. Let’s start with what was right with Yuppies in Paradise. It was catchy. It was funny. It sounded fun.

All good things for a travel blog brand. And yet…

The more we worked on our blog and became invested in it, the more we cultivated our vision not just for the blog, but for our travels. Being “yuppies,” being in a “yuppie paradise,” seemed more and more like relaxing on a tropical beach with a drink in hand.

Our plans to travel the world were more than just a way to escape the corporate world, which neither of us were that invested in to begin with. While we’ve always known we weren’t yuppies per se, and that it was more of a joke to us, it was difficult to convey that type of personal irony through a name.

Our content was never about world travel in the sense of where to go to relax and grab that drink. Our tastes for particular types of adventures, like Post Maidan Protest Ukraine, Muay Thai Tournaments in Panama City and Legal Prostitution, and our motivations moved further and further away from what a general sense of the term “yuppie” could entail.

When we talk about moving in another direction, it’s a bit preemptive because we haven’t had enough time to carve out a strong path for the blog anyway. But Yuppies in Paradise moves down a path that we’ve already stepped off of.

Why Overland Undersea?

Both Nikita and I have an overwhelming love of the natural world and desire to experience it, as well as protect it. In an ironic yuppie-esque move, we want our time and energy spent traveling to support that motivation, and hopefully, to do good for it.

Deciding to hike the Pacific Crest Trail was a manifestation of that desire, but also a big catalyst for the name change: a 2,600 mile thru hike is not a yuppie thing to do.

It’s not relaxing, and there isn’t a lot of alcohol.

There is, however, rugged, beautiful wilderness, physical and emotional pain and triumph, and an experience that few people would choose, but one that we knew we would never regret.

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is an overland adventure, as many of our future travel plans like trekking and biking also are. And yes, snorkeling, scuba diving and ocean kayaking are future undersea adventures in store as well.

When it comes down it, we feel that Overland Undersea gives us more creative freedom and room to grow as a travel blog. Or any type of blog that involves our interests and who we are as people (see above, not yuppies).

What’s Next?

A logo.

What happens when two non-designers try to design a logo? It's debatable whether or not this was in any way fruitful.
What happens when two non-designers try to design a logo? It’s debatable whether or not this was in any way fruitful.

We are in the process of designing a logo for Overland Undersea, as evidenced by our crude sketches. Both of us are fond of the linecraft style of design, so our ideas have been based off that (in case you were worried we had no artistic taste or talent).

Hopefully there is more to come from this endeavor, and we will update as soon as there is!


I’m sure that most of our friends and family are glad to see this over and done with, if mostly because they’re tired of giving feedback on someone else’s rando blog names.

If you like Overland Undersea, thanks! Please give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook!

If you’re still tied to Yuppies in Paradise- too bad. We’re not changing it again 😛

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